Monday, June 10, 2013

Simple Seersucker

This weekend it was off to the burbs again for me!  I traveled home on Saturday to celebrate my youngest sister's Birthday.  It was a blast and so great to see my whole family.  Whenever I travel home to see the fam I almost always stay with my middle sister Kim (also seen here).  She lives the perfect suburban life complete with fiancé, cute house, 2 cats and a garden.  Sometimes a city girl like me gets jealous of her trees, flowers and overall wealth of space. One of the things I really enjoyed was her showing me her newly bloomed flowers and planted trees around the property.  She was proud of how her gardening skills had paid off.  While we were rushing out the door she remembered that she hadn't watered some of the plants and I was able to capture some of those moments on camera to share with you all.  I thought it was pretty hilarious that she was watering the garden in heels and yes they were constantly sinking into the dirt and causing some imbalance - all in good fun! Let it be known that it was totally just a coincidence that the green watering can happened to match the green highlights of her outfit.  She says her outfit was seriously comfortable except the shoes.  I thought it was totally Adorbs!  probably because I'm a sucker for Seersucker.  Also that statement necklace is to die for in my opinion. 
By the end of the weekend something usually ticks inside of me and I can't wait to get back to my city life in a small spaced apartment with no garden or trees but oh so many things to do.  It's how I know maybe I am not ready to move back to the burbs just yet,  but all in good time.

Shirt - Anthropologie - find similar
Seersucker Capris - JCrew
Necklace - JCrew
Heels - Enzo Angiolini -find similar here & here
Sunnies - Salt Optics
Nail Polish - Essie(sand tropez)


  1. Love love love that J.Crew necklace!

    District Delights

  2. everything about this outfit is amazing. I think this is definitely one of my favorites! i'm obsessed. the color scheme is multicolored but toned down enough so that it is not crass. great job!

  3. Lovely outfit!!!
    Great post :)

    Thanks for stopping by

  4. LOOOOOOOOVE the necklace! J.crew has had some good ones lately. :)

  5. Such a cute outfit! Love the seersucker, and LOVE that necklace :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. i love your outfit here! the colors are so perfect and the pants are so cute!

    lindsey louise

  7. Lovely outfit

  8. you have amazing looks.!
    these glasses look super duper cute on you

  9. Beautiful pictures and beautiful outfit! I am so in love with your necklace and your pants!! You look great with it!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  10. The necklace is so pretty, and you look so sweet and cute :)


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