Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sunblock for Sensitive Skin

By now we all should know about the importance of Sunblock even on an ordinary day.   When it comes to a day at the beach or an all day outdoor event we have to step up our game to ensure that our skin is protected against the sun's harmful rays.  I have always found it to be quite difficult to find a great sunblock that does not irritate my skin AND actually stays on for more than an hour.   Now, I probably have more sensitive skin than the average beach going gal, but I can stand by my sunblock recommendations as great choices for anyone, even those with the toughest of skins.  For those of you who are just looking for a great all natural alternative, organics, paraben free, or oil free product look no further!  If you prefer not to fry like a pig and also avoid skin irritation, then one of these options is surely to work for you.  If you have stubborn freckles or moles that you constantly worry about then I have a tiny (pun intended) suggestion to help calm your nerves.  The following products are my savior sunblocks that I have tried and loved over the years.  Hopefully you find these suggestions helpful as it has taken me years to figure out what works best for my sensitive skin.

Coola sunblock is a moisturizing body sunscreen. I actually found this stuff for the first time in the Bahamas in a beach store.  This particular bottle is Plumeria scented which I love but it may not be for all.  No worries it also comes in scent free any many other scents.  This sunscreen is extremely gentle, hypoallergenic, water resistant, paraben free and best of all certified ORGANIC.  As if that wasn't enough special powers and goodness packed into one little bottle, it is also infused with antioxidants!  So lather up ladies because this stuff is luxuriously moisturizing and protective.  Check out their website  to see all of their other wonderful sunscreens, moisturizers and lip products.

Okay so we all know Neutrogena products.  You will already know if you like them or not.  I Love their facial sunscreens!  Reason being that they offer "no breakout" options.  This one is called Neutrogena Clear Face.  I have always and will always break out from applying just an ordinary sunscreen to my face.  This miracle cream does not cause me any break-outs and is oil free and waterproof.  When you apply it to your face it is not greasy at all, it feels clean and light.  Treat your face with some respect and pile on this oil-free sunblock!

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have a secret weapon I use on freckles and moles that I am most concerned about.  This  Coppertone Water Babies tiny sunscreen stick is it!  It is gentle enough for a baby but is perfect for fast re-application to troublesome or worrisome areas.  It is also easy to use as a lip sunscreen, which I always do.  I often keep it in my purse to apply to my nose, lips and moles.  Overall I love its convenience.

This one is for those of you who may not have super sensitive skin but want to apply something gentle and very defensive against the sun.  This is a new product by Neutrogena called Beach Defense.  I have tried this sunscreen and have not had any body break-outs or irritation, it's a Miracle! This is perfect for a long beach day, hence the name "beach defense" It is long lasting and has a built in barrier against sun and water.  This product is probably wonderful for most skin types.  This also comes in a spray.

Stay safe in the Sun!



  1. Great products!!

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  2. Summer after Summer I stick to Lancaster. Never tried a product so well as them. But yours sound very promising as well :-)

    1. I have never tried Lancaster before. Would you recommend it for sensitive skin?

  3. Thank you for sharing, I have never tried any of these.

  4. i would like to try the Coola!!

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  5. great post thanks for sharing! been looking for a sunscreen for sensitive skin for my legs.


    1. Thanks! The Coola products are wonderful for sensitivities. I have the same problem.


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