Jen & Kelly

The two of us gals have been friends since high school.  I would say the one thing that brought us together besides mutual friends, was our uncanny ability to make each other laugh endlessly.  While Kelly was busy being a basketball star, I was busy jumping up and down and screaming with the rest of my cheerleading team.  After High school we spent one amazing summer filled with non stop banter and laughter at the Jersey Shore with our besties.  Just in case you are wondering, NO we are not guidettes!  After college our lives turned out to be  so unpredictable, taking us to many unforeseen places.  As a result a few years had past without us seeing each other.  You know when you have a great friend when after so much time has past and you finally reunite, it's as if no time has past at all.  Starting this blog together has really brought us even closer.  While I am a city girl as Kelly likes to say, and she is a self proclaimed "townie" we both still have much in common.  We share all of our similar passions with you on our blog -Fashionably Festive 

Blog Factoids:
*Kelly and Jen collaborate ideas and alternate writing blog content.
*Jen takes most of the photos for this blog.
                              * Kelly is the guru behind most recipes and festive drinks. 
*We most often style friends and family members for our outfit blog posts.
*You will rarely see us in an outfit post since we love to style others, but keep following along and you may catch any rare appearances.

Hi, my name is Jen and I currently reside in Hoboken, NJ.  After living in the big Apple for 7 years with my husband we decided to make a change and move across the river.  Now life can be as quiet or as crazy as I'd like.  It's a 5 minute Ferry ride to crazy (well missed) NYC and 5 minutes back to our new relaxing lifestyle of chillin in Hobo.  After 8 years working in the Fashion industry, doing everything from store management and visual, to allocation and merchandising I still felt like my creative side was hungry for more.  Once I made my move out of the city I discovered one of my newest loves in life, photography. When I finally got my hands on a decent camera I immediately became passionate about taking photos of anything and everything.  My favorite subjects by far are people especially for fashion blog photos.  This realization  happened  about 1 year ago back when I took snaps of my sister in law for her fashion blog.  I am totally an amateur of photography but I know I will only improve over time and have a great deal of fun while learning.   Basically that whole experience launched me into the unknown territory of blogging.  To hell with crunching numbers and missing out on all the fun stuff! I wanted to explore fashion in a new way and I soon learned that styling others and taking photographs is where my passion in fashion lies (haha that totally rhymes).

Fun Facts About Me:
*I have been known to make the face above more often than I should.
* I am a total nerd for Harry Potter (went to the set in London)
* I am obsessed with collecting aprons (because fashion in the kitchen matters too)
* When I clean I like to break out many dance moves as part of my exercise regimen.

Hey, my name is Kelly and I have 3 beautiful daughters that age from 4 years to 14 years old, they are my heart and soul! You can imagine the many outfits, accessories and hair experiments that go on in our estrogen filled household.  It can all be super fun, but also drama filled :) I have a Bachelors degree in Education and while I do not currently teach, I have the passion to be creative. I love trying or creating recipes, painting wine glasses, drinking wine (while I am mentoining it), reading,  hanging with my girlfriends, and trying new things. I have pretty much lived in the same area my whole life.  While I have made new friends  I also have been lucky enough to maintain many old friendships , which is a wonderful thing.  I LOVE clothes! I get excited to wear a new outfit, or call my sister to tell her about a new pair of shoes! I adore Jen (my co blogger and friend for life) and there is no one else I would have rather started this blog with or continue this adventure. 

Fun Facts About Me:
*I can always make a great appetizer even on the fly.
*I am fantastic at performing random cartwheels.
*I become seriously obsessed with certain TV series, as if they were real life.
* I am lucky enough to say that "I lack the embarrassment gene"I don't get embarrassed.  (Jen can attest to this fact.)