Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In Love with One Love

Part of my daily facial routine

As I have grown older I have become more and more conscious of what products I put on my skin.  My face of course is where I want to be most careful.  I have extremely sensitive skin so if you are the same these products could be your savior.  I was constantly breaking out in facial hives and suffering from major dry patches.  I started using several all natural and/or Organic products over the past year.  My favorite find has been this One Love Organics skincare line.  It is so gentle yet washes and nourishes my skin very thoroughly.  There are many other components to this line but these 3 goodies are a permanent part of my daily regimen.  

 The Brand New Day exfoliation is gentle enough to use everyday.  I use it about 4 days per week. It can also be combined with the foaming cleanser to give you a softer exfoliating experience.  The Skin Savior Balm is like a beauty butter and it smells fabulous, like apples.  It moisturizes unbelievably well.  I use it some days and every night.  The best part about this balm is its ability to work double duty.  Combine it with your favorite mineral powder or bronzer in the palm of your hand - Bam you have an instant tinted moisturizer - PERFECT for SUMMER GLOWING SKIN.  The Easy Does It foaming cleanser is great because it can be used morning and evening yet it will never dry your skin.  What I have learned from One Love Organics is that Less is More.

Bonus Bag plus 2 goodies (youth serum and skin shammy) when you purchase the above line in Travel Size
The fact that all of these products come in travel size is absolutely AMAZING!  I mean we're talking about your face people! Try it out first in the small size.  No one wants to invest in a monster sized product that is not right for their skin though I think you'll love it.   The adorable little bag above comes with all these products in travel size.  If not all products interest you then they even have travel size individuals for purchase.

Give your skin the all natural organic treatment it has been waiting for.

1. Brand New Day exfoliation
2. Skin Savior beauty balm
3. Easy Does it foaming cleanser


  1. Those look like really lovely products! Would love to try them!

  2. I have never seen these before. Can you buy them at a store somewhere? I'd defintely like to try them.


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