Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scent Change-UP

Do you update your scents with the change of seasons? I have had perfume on the brain ever since I opened my bottom drawer and found all of my sunny weather favorite perfumes lost in the abyss of my beauty products.  I immediately pulled these babies out of the drawer and left them out on my vanity.  I vowed not to forget about them again and was quite thankful for spotting them which reminded me it was time to update.  Sure I have my usual daily routine  that includes reaching for the same "old faithful" bottle of perfume.  I am pretty confident that most of us ladies have that same "go to" scent that is just easy to grab b/c we know we like it.  What about your other perfumes?  You know you have some others that you don't wear enough.  I always try to make an effort to wear some of my more mood lifting happy scents in Spring and Summer. The Sun really influences my fragrance choices.  Put your olfactory senses to work and let them lead you to the perfect fragrance for this time of year.  Update your usual aroma with something fun that makes you feel good.   If nothing on hand strikes you maybe its time to add some newbies to your collection.

Above you will see my favorites.  Burberry Summer is actually my "old faithful" but it is a lovely light uplifting scent that I would recommend for anyone.  Clean perfumes have been long time favorites of mine. Once you smell any Clean scent you will be in love.  Lollia is my newest addition.  I purchased it this past Winter but find it to be more appropriate for this time of year with it's soft rice petal and magnolia notes.  Pacifica scents in general are so awakening. They are fruity, natural and simple.  My favorite is shown above and is the perfect scent to pack for a tropical vacation.   Fresh Strawberry Flowers is actually discontinued.  Sephora is the last retailer to carry it if you are lucky enough to live near a location that has it.  It's sold out on-line.   Marc Jacobs Fig is a combo of fig and woodiness.  It smells slightly fruity but has a very unique scent of its own that is lovely.  Daisy is one of those happy smells that I find most people like.  Truth be told I didn't like it at first but it has grown to be a favorite of mine.   I hope this helped entice you to alternate some new scents into your routine.  I would love to hear about your favorite sunny day scents.

1. Marc Jacobs - Daisy
2. Lollia - At Last 
3. Clean - Warm Cotton 
4. Pacifica - Hawaiian Ruby Guava roll-on
6. Burberry - Burberry Summer 
7. Fresh - Strawberry Flowers -Sephora in-store only
8. Marc Jacobs - Fig 


  1. I always adore finding you new perfumes , thanks for this awesome list.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. I am currently using Marc Jacobs Daisy, and I love it!



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