Saturday, September 28, 2013

Game Day Ready!

Are you a football fan?  Do you like to get together at friend's houses to watch the game, go to a local bar, or just hang out at home for Sunday Football?  No matter the situation it's always nice to sport your team colors, mascot or logo.  Unless you are a die hard fan you may feel that dressing the part can sacrifice your usual fashion sense.  Or maybe you look forward to a  dress down day full of cotton and comfort.  Here are a few examples of how to dress yourself up for game day no matter your personality or mood come Sunday.  There is something for everyone here.  Now obviously Kelly and I are very biased with our Eagles gear and the primary colors of green and white but I am sure you can gather some inspiration from our 3 outfits.  Keep in mind that you don't have to wear your team colors to make a statement (Tan Eagle sweater) and if you wear the colors you don't have to sport your mascot and/or logo (plaid hoodie.)  Some of our favorite shops to find lots of creative gear include, Forever 21, Old Navy and Urban Outfitters.  Hope you have a Sunday Funday!
Jen & Kelly

 1. Cardigan  - Mango/2. Tee - Old Navy/3. Cap - '47 Brand/4. Jeans - Joe's/5. Chuck Taylors - Converse/
6. Sweater - Urban Outfitters/7. Boyfriend Jeans - Mother Denim/8. Boots - Madewell/
9. Flannel Hoodie - Urban Outfitters/10. Tee - JCrew/11. Black Jeans - TopShop/12. Flats - Steve Madden


  1. Cute idea girlfriend!! Way to make sporty look chic! Adorable

  2. Love love love all of these game day outfit ideas! Especially the comfy casual one. Cute looks girl!

  3. AHH What a PRETTY post:) IM now following on pinterest..I hope you follow me back.

    Check out my new post..divine royal bedroom inspiration:)

    have a lovely week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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