Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy Easter Table - 2 Ways

OPTION 1. Rustic and Organic
When it comes to hosting Holidays I seem to be a bit indecisive when picking my theme of decor.  Beginning with the tablescape is always a good place for me to start brainstorming. Ideas seem to flow from there on out, sometimes too may ideas haha. Creating a beautiful yet simple table was ultimately my goal. I had two ideas in mind and I decided to give it a whirl and see what i all looked like in advance.   Luckily this year I will be hosting an early Easter brunch along with my sister.  Since I am in love with both of these table options I can leave the decision making to my sis.  I also have the advantage to call on Deirdre (my upstairs neighbor) for her very inventive ideas. Perhaps the best part of being fellow bloggers and neighbors is that we can borrow each others household goodies along with each others ideas.  As you will see both table options are fairly simple.  I tried to use many items that I already had on hand around the house.  I am obsessed with flowers in the springtime as you will see. I tried different options for the Rustic table, Ranuculus & Roses.

The eggs displayed on each plate doubled as place saver and a cute piece of decor.  I used a single leaf from the orange roses shown on the table and placed it underneath each egg in the egg cups. I then tied a cream bow around each cup.  The centerpiece is simply undied all natural eggs of many shades.  Since this is a more rustic scene I chose to go with no tablecloth and placed the napkins under each place setting.  I used mismatch Mason jars as the glasses with striped paper straws for extra color.  I borrowed the fabulous Bark plant pots from Deirdre.
Birch Bark flower pots - Saveoncrafts Birch Bark tea lights - Saveoncrafts Egg cups - Fishs Eddy

Orange & Yellow Ranuculus
Orange Roses
Mix-n- Match Mason glasses with orange and white paper straws

OPTION 2. Bold and Simple
This table is colorful and full of life, yet maintains a clean simple look with a crisp white table cloth.  The white back drop really enhances the pop of color from the lush tulips.  The egg cups are the same as used on the rustic table.  I love the clean look of the bright colored egg on a white pedestal.  I rolled white linen napkins and tied them with a purple silk ribbon.   The purple placemats are layered with perhaps my favorite element on this table, the basket weave dishware.  This Festive pattern screams Easter when paired with brighter colors. I also have Deirdre to thank for these lovely dishes.   Thanks D...
Placemats - Sur La Table Egg cups - Fishs Eddy

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